ITEM # A30-150-FNGC, MFG # 31-155-d

I have replaced the Lee 150 with an Accurate mold in order to get to .311 size as of July 2019.  It is a very close copy except for the driving band and the as cast size.One of my all time favorites for any 30 cal rifle. I have used this bullet in every 30 I own, and at every speed in the book. Very easy to get along with. If you are loading for a lever gun, you should crimp to prevent bullet setback. This bullet has chambered in every 30-30 I've tried it in when crimped in the crimp groove. I also use this bullet in 30/30 with light charges of pistol powders for a no-recoil, low noise gallery load slash squirrel load. One of my squirrel loads will print 5 shot groups at 7/10 of an inch at 50 yards with peep sights off the bench.









Item # L30-155-PGC, MFG # C312-155-2R

This bullet is intended as a 7.62 X 39. I have treated it like any other 30 cal and can size it at .312 or .313. My Swiss K-31 loves this bullet. Since it is a pointed nose it can't be loaded in tube mags. it is also a good choice if you have a short throated chamber.








ITEM # LY30-170-RNGC, MFG #311291

This is an old Lyman design that has stood the test of time for good reason. Very easy to get a accurate load without a lot of load testing. This bullet might not chamber in short throats if crimped in crimp groove, if not just seat it down and crimp on top driving band. My 03A3 Remington 2 groove shoots a little over an inch at 100 with iron sights with this one.









ITEM # LY30-173-FNGC, MFG # 311041

I have always been told this bullet was designed for the 30-30. In my Winchesters, if you crimp in the crimp groove they chamber most of the time. In Marlins, for me anyway, they don't unless i crimp on the front driving band. Either way it has always been a very accurate bullet. This is one of our bullets I can get over 2000 FPS and still maintain accuracy. I have also had good loads for the ought-six, and this profile makes a great deer round. Just like the lee 150 flat nose I've had good success with gallery loads on this bullet. Shooting steel at 100 yards offhand with a subsonic load there is no doubt when it connects. Lots of fun! 












0-200-PGC, MFG # 311299 OR 314299

This bullet can come from two different molds, the 311299(.300 nose) is a standard 30 cal and the 314299(.303 nose) is a copy just a larger diameter. Depending on the customers sizing requirements will determine which mold I'll use. This is also a very easy bullet to find an accurate load quickly.  Its an almost guaranteed pass through on whitetails out to 150 yards with a starting velocity of around 1700 to1800.