ITEM # LY38-160-RNFB, MFG # 358311

This is one of the most accurate round nose bullets we have in 35 cal. It can be loaded from powder puff target loads up to over 1000 fps. This bullet also makes a great 35 cal rifle reduced load for practice, plinking or small game.








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ITEM # LY38-195-RNFB, MFG # 358430

This is a heavy 357 mag bullet but also gives excellent service in short range 38 special loads and very accurate out to 25 yards. One of my favorites in 35 Remington with unique powder.














ITEM # LY35-204-RNGC, MFG # 358315

This Lyman design was for the 35 Remington and is very easy to get along with. Accuracy can be had over a wide range of velocities. This bullet is to long for 38/357 handguns.














ITEM # M38-100SWCFB, I have replaced the Lee mold with the magma mold. Two differences, 100 grain instead of 105 and no crimp groove. Tested and no difference in accuracy at all.

A scaled down version of the H&G 68 for the 38/357. Nice little low recoil bullet, also great for small game. Cuts clean holes in paper targets. I have several guns that are accurate with powder puff charges and some that prefer this bullet moving pretty fast. No way to know which, but it is a pleasure to shot even on the fast side due to the low bullet weight.







ITEM # L38-158-RFBB, MFG # 358-158-RF

I have had mixed results from this bullet, it has its own sweet spot depending on which gun I use. In other words a good load in gun A might not shoot well in gun B. It's not hard to find an accurate load for either gun, it just seems a little picky to powder and charge. Shooting reactive targets is so fun with this bullet because of that big ole flat nose really transfers a lot of energy to the target.




$40/500--ALLOY--MA-358-359-20:1 ALLOY-$45/500


ITEM # L38-148-BNWCFB, MFG # 358-148-WC

This is the most accurate bullet we have for 38/357 bar none. The best groups we have has came from our 20:1 alloy and crimped in the crimp groove. 25 yard, 10 shot groups hovered around 6/10 of an inch off sand bags. I really wanted a 1/2 inch, 10 shot group but will have to machine rest it I guess. Unique powder gave the best results with this alloy. If you want to use a faster powder I would switch to our "MA" match alloy. One small issue with this one in "SA", we have to size this one base first and sometimes it flattens out the button nose but does not shoot any different. If you really want to get good with a revolver get these and start practicing.







ITEM # L38-125-RFFB

Great bullet for 38 special or 357 mag, cuts clean hole in paper target but not caliber width. Also a great hunting bullet for small game. This bullet likes to go fast for best accuracy. I had good luck with Unique powder under this one.







ITEM # M38-158-SWC

When I started casting this was the first 38 mold I got because I and everyone else thought this was the standard design by which all others were measured. Well in my testing it is not. Don't get me wrong it can be very accurate, but like a lot of bullets it has a sweet spot it likes and nothing else. I would put it with the round flat designs as that goes. My testing indicates a Bullseye charge of about 3.2/3.3 grains is the sweet spot for my guns. If you don't need the full caliber hole it makes then I would choose the Magma 158RN or the Lyman 160RN for ease of finding accuracy for very little load testing.






ITEM # M38-158-RNBB

This bullet is very accurate at about any normal charge you want. I have had this bullet shoot good as low as 2.7 grains of Bullseye and all the way to max. I think round nose bullets are easier to get to shoot good quicker than any other designs. Target shooters don't like the type hole they make in paper as opposed to a full wadcutter or semi-wadcutter but if you are not counting points this and the Lyman 160RN are both easy to get along with.







This is the second most accurate bullet we have in this caliber, sort of !!!! What I mean is, between the Lee button nose and this one is a very thin line which is the best. In semi-auto 38's its this one hands down. In my Taylor throated model 15 its the button nose, and in my Colt Trooper its a toss up. This one being bevel base on both ends helps with starting straight in the case and for flush seating, it allows a medium to heavy crimp without bulging the case. Either wadcutter you pick is capable of one inch or better at 25 yards, assuming that nothing is wrong with the gun, but if you want to try for smaller groups the flat base of the button nose might make the difference