ITEM # M45-160-SWCFB

This bullet was asked for by our bullseye crowd for a light weight short line load. When we started testing it we found accuracy in 4.4 to 

4.6 Bullseye powder range and did good at 25 yards but not so good at 50. We kept playing with it and when it got to 900 FPS it was the most accurate 50 yard load we tested. 900 FPS is a stout load and if you want to shoot target loads with light springs this load is going to beat you and the gun up a little. If this is the only load you shoot then adjust your springs and amaze your buddy"s how good you are with a handgun at 50 yards. Most production guns  can handle this load with the springs they come with.









This is Magma's version of the H&G 68 design. In our opinion the most forgiving and accurate 45 acp bullet design out. Most of the time accurate loads can be found with Bullseye powder from 3.4 to 4.0 grains, with the most common at 3.8. play with the OAL and light taper crimp to dial in the tightest group. A lot of Bullseye shooter's load this bullet at the short line and a 200 at the long line without any or modest sight changes.









Item # M45-200LN-SWCBB                                                                                  If you only want one bullet to load for 45 ACP then this is it. Just like the 185 above it is accurate at 25 as well as 50 yards with the same powder charge with just a slight POI change. A lot of reloaders alter their 25 vs the 50 yard loads slightly for no sight or scope adjustment between short and long lines. Also like the 185 this bullet has a wide range of acceptable powder charges which make it hard to pick the best one without a machine rest. I think this bullet edges out the 185 at 50 yards but it's a thin edge.If I were to guess, I;d say more Bullseye competitors use this design/weight than any other by a wide margin.






ITEM # M45-230-RN
Not much to say about this one.The jacketed version is called ball or

hardball ammo,  we call this one softball. I don't think it is as accurate as the swc for target purposes but plenty accurate for anything else. What little playing around I've done with this one it is more accurate than I expected at low end loads and carries well at 50 yards. Target shooters despise round nose bullets because of possible lost points compared to a swc. If your not shooting a match where 1 or 2 points matter then this is a good heavyweight. 









This is Magma's version of the H&G 130. This also is a very accurate bullet, just not as forgiving as the long nose versions. I have actually had tighter groups with this one at 25 yards than the others, but this bullet is very sensitive when it comes to variations in the powder charge or OAL. Pay close attention when weighing charges of fast powders. I have always thought that using a slower powder might improve its disposition, just haven't had time to test it yet.