The CAST BULLET SHOP is located in the foot hills of north Georgia about an hour or so north of Atlanta.

We grew up in farm country hunting, fishing, and yes shooting.

Accuracy has always been the prime motivation for me, I won't own a gun that won't shoot but I haven't had many that I've had to trade. Most of the time, a little tinkering and load development brought out their full potential. 

We are a small family owned shop that caters to the accuracy minded shooter whether its is for competition or just your own self pride. Bullseye or precision pistol as it is now being called make up our largest customer base.

Our goal is not to become one of the large internet casters, but instead be a quality only shop that our customers enjoy doing business with. Our customers tell us all the  time they feel they get a tremendous value in our bullets.


Please take a spin around our site and notice on the product pages I give you my thoughts and experience I have with each bullet, good, bad or indifferent.

Our casting equipment consist of Magma Engineering 'Master Casters' .

Hand molds from all the major producers as well as some custom cut molds.

Our lube-sizers are Stars, also from Magma.

The lube we use is from White Label Lubes and is their Commercial Carnuba Red.

Our alloys are made in house for quality control reasons. Please see our spec sheet for more information.

Future products that are in testing right now are swaged bullets for 38 special and 45 ACP. A new product for rifle's is plain flat base for a lower price point that would compare in price as the same weight pistol bullet, also in it's testing phase.

Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you find it informative and useful.


Tony Johnson