You may call your order in to 770-735-4453 or email us at:


Information we need to process your order;

A-Your name and shipping address.(No PO Boxes)(50 US STATES ONLY)

B-Contact info: email and phone number

C-Our item number and quantity.

D-Alloy type if there is a choice (In the caption under the bullet picture)

E-Size: (Also underneath the bullet picture)



And that's it. Once the order is in-house we will call or email (your choice) with an estimated ship date.



Billing: Do not send us any credit card information in an email. We accept  personal checks or Postal Service money orders. We will include an invoice with the shipment. When the order arrives and everything meets with your approval, please remit payment. It is our goal to make purchasing our products as painless as possible. If there is any problems with the order, please email or call as soon as possible.




Shipping Charges: We offer free shipping on 2000 bullets of 200 grains or less and 1600 of 230/240 grains via USPS flat rate boxes. Orders of less than that  will be $20.00 per medium flat rate box. If you order 2000 bullets of less than 200 grainer's there will be some room in the box for more that can also ride free. If interested let us know when you order and we'll see what we can do based on space and weight. We are limited to 60 pounds per box and I like to stay a pound or so under that. Rifle bullets are in 100 count bags and are easy to add to the box if weight permits. We also offer a small flat rate box at $10. shipping cost and it will hold about 500 pistol or rifle bullets. Anything above 200 grains will be about 400 or so.