ALLOY SPECS: Our alloy was arrived at over years of shooting Bullseye pistol, and messing around with different blends. What we have today is two alloy's called "MA" (MATCH ALLOY) and "SA" (SOFT ALLOY). Our MA was developed for 45 ACP pressure ranges and works on our gas checked rifle bullets better than any other alloy we tried. The SA was developed for starting loads mainly for 32 caliber and 38 special. The SA is also showing promise in plain base rifle bullets which are currently being tested. We also cast with pure lead for muzzleloading round balls and minie balls. Our two alloys are made in house for quality control reasons and are built from pure lead, antimonial lead and pure tin. The Brinell hardness numbers are 14.5 for the MA and between 10 and 11 for the SA. Are these numbers important to you the cast lead bullet consumer? Answer: yes, no and maybe. Let me explain; the Brinell #'s only tell us the displacement of metal under a prescribed load, or hardness of the lead as it is commonly referred to. It is an important measurement but not the only one that matters. The way the metal or lead in this case flows when subjected to tens of thousands of  pounds per square inch is just as important if not more. When we started trying to build a better alloy we could care less what the brinell # was, all we wanted the most accurate alloy we could find. When we found it, it is what it was. There  is plenty of information on the web about alloy construction if you want to go deeper on that subject, but simply put our alloy works for the bullets we sell.  You may think our bullet selection is a tad small but each bullet we sell has been thoroughly tested in the alloy(s) we offer it in, and we think you will be impressed with the quality. 


BULLET LUBE: We tried almost every lube we could buy, and on any one type load you could get any of them to work pretty good but none of them had a good cross section of loads we liked. Then we we tried "White Label Lubes", and Glenn has several to choose from and the winner was his "Commercial Carnuba Red 160". This lube preformed exceptionally well on rifle and pistol. It is what we call a medium soft lube that sticks well to the bullet and remains soft enough to transfer from bullet to barrel which is it's job. It is a little soft for bulk packaging of bullets in hot weather but if he makes it harder it doesn't work near as well. There is not a single lube that will work for all cast bullet loads but this one comes as close as any we have tested.


SYMBOLS AND ABBREVIATIONS: I've  been doing this so long these things read like shorthand to me so if I miss one, please yell at me and I'll add it to the list.

RN=round nose, RF= round flat nose, SWC=semi-wadcutter, P=pointed, FN=flat nose, BNWC=button nosed wadcutter, DEWC=double ended wadcutter, BB=beveled base, FB=flat base and or plain base as in rifle bullets without gas checks, LN=long nose, SN=short nose, GC=gas check, OAL=overall length, RB=round ball, KT=Keith type, TC=truncated cone, POI=point of impact, POA=point of aim.


SIZE DIES: 309-310-311-312-313-314-356-357-358-359-401-411-430-432-452-454-458-459